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School Rules                                                                                                               

         ·    AIS expects all students to put forth their best efforts during the educational process.

 ·     Recognizing the importance to maintain discipline:

 ·     All members of the school community shall be treated with respect and dignity. To discourage violence, to resolve conflict  and to promote responsible citizens, the students of Asian International School must abide by the Guidelines, Rules and  Regulations established by the school. Violation of any rule may result in disciplinary action.

 ·     The carrying of a normal school day shall not be disrupted or obstructed by a student / students. Student / Students shall not   incite or advocate others to cause disruption of the educational process or violate the rules of the school.

 ·     A student shall not carry; conceal any object of violence capable of harming others.

 ·     A student shall not make any provocation for bullying others.

 ·     A student shall not refuse or disregard to obey the directions or commands given by the teachers, school personnel with authority or those persons who are vested with school authority.

 ·     A student shall not steal or cause damage to school property.

 ·     A student shall not bring, conceal or distribute any type of intoxicants in the school premises .

 ·     A student shall not use obscene language or profanity including written , verbal, gesture or pictures in any form including  electronic devices , multimedia to any one , inside or outside the school .

 ·     A student shall be regular in attendance.

 ·     A student shall be on time for school.

 ·      Students shall wear uniform / dress code specified by the school in a neat and appropriate manner.

 ·      It is strictly prohibited to use cell phones or any type of two – way communication devices in the school premises and in the    school transport.

 ·     A student shall not leave school premises during school hours without  the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal or a     written request from the parent

 ·     Uploading fellow students, staff, school programmed photographs , tagging remarks and comments on school is strictly      prohibited and consequencesfollowed will be severe .