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Making a Counselling Service appointment

To request an appointment, fill up a pre-appointment form. Please do read this.

Waiting times

You will be seen as soon as possible after you have returned your completed pre-appointment form. Waiting times can be longer in busy periods so we would encourage you to request an appointment as soon as you are likely to want one. If there are special circumstances which mean you need to be seen more urgently please indicate this when requesting an appointment. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please let us know as quickly as you can.


All personal details and the content of all counselling sessions are confidential. Under normal circumstances, nothing will be revealed to anyone outside the Service without your express permission. The Service will only break this rule if you are no longer in a position to take responsibility for your own actions and the Counselor is significantly concerned about you or someone else that you are talking about.

There may be times when it is to your benefit for the Service to liaise with others - whether this is with other health professionals or academics. The Counselling Service will only do this if you are in agreement that it would be helpful and you have given your written consent. This can be openly discussed with your counselor as part of a collaborative working relationship.

For Pre-appointment form please click here :-  Pre-appointment Form Download