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Education plays the most important role in acquiring professional and social skills and a positive attitude to face the challenges of life. Curriculum is a comprehensive plan of any educational program. It is also one of the means of bringing about qualitative improvement in an educational system.

AIS put forward curriculum offered by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) headquartered in Delhi, India founded in 1962. Our teaching methods follow CBSE-i, launched in 2010, a pioneering approach by CBSE to deliver education with a global outlook to overseas.

AIS Curriculum has been designed to nurture multiple intelligences like linguistic or verbal intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, sports intelligence, musical intelligence, inter-personal intelligence and intra-personal intelligence. We rely also in the core components like development of Perspectives, Research, Life Skills, and SEWA (Social Empowerment thorough Work and Action).

 Course of Study Offered in STD XI

a)     Part 1 – English ( Core )

b)     Part  2 – any one of the following combinations of subjects

1.     Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

2.     Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science

3.     Accountancy , Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science

  Languages Taught

  The medium of instruction is ENGLISH, Hindi, French ad Urdu are taught as Second Languages

           I to IV – HINDI

          V to X – HINDI , FRENCH , and URDU