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 Admission Procedure


          i)              Children who have completed 3.8 years or more as on 1st April are eligible for Admission to KG 1.

ii)              Admission will be granted on the basis of availability of seats through entrance examinations

At the time of Admission students should submit the following

i)              Original attested Transfer Certificate

ii)             Original attested Birth Certificate and copy of the Birth Certificate – attested

iii)            Passport Copy of Parents & Student with Valid Visa Page

iv)           Three recent passport size photos with white background.

i)              Copy of Mark statement / Progress Card from the previous school

vi)           Emirates ID 


1.     Please note that the registration form is not a guarantee for admission

2.     Any attempt to fill more than one form for one child will result his/her disqualification for admission

3.   Selection for KG1 will depends on the child’s performance at an assessment session to allot his /her ability in speech, independency & Physical development

\(      ( Report  from preschool if applicable can be witnessed for the same)

4.     Admission from KG2 – Grade 9 will be depending on the ELIGIBILITY TEST. After the eligibility test the result will be published on the notice board.

5.     The admission will be considered based upon the availability of seats and submission of his/ her original TC & No Provisional admission will be granted

6.     All admissions are subjected  to the Ministry Of Education

7.     Children on visit visa are not eligible for admission

8.     Admissions to grade 10 at the discretion of the Principal, depending upon the child’s performance at the last annual examination as per CBSE rules.