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  Recruitment Criteria


·         Teacher’s Profession:

The educational council in the UAE stipulates that a teacher must hold a bachelor degree, a relevant teaching qualification and have at least two years of teaching experience.

 In some cases other teaching certificate are accepted in cases where experience is greater. We excel both young talent and experienced mature teacher. We encourage our teachers to speak only in English to the Children

 Contract Period

Contract in UAE are almost for 2 years. The School will insist you to sign the contract once selected for issuing the VISA (where applicable) and Labor Card. This is like any organization in the world when it comes to employment.

Notice for Candidates: Be aware of potential recruitment scams.

A probation period of three months is considered for the new arriving teachers based on performance. Holidays are subjected by the Ministry of Education.

Documents (At the call of interview)

1.      Updated CV

2.      Passport Size Photograph – 4 No’s

3.      Attested original certificate ( Highest Qualification )

4.      NOC from your sponsor ( if applicable )