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Principal’s Message

Education is a means of developing a pupil's greatest abilities, because in each one of them there is a hope and a dream which fulfilled can be translated into the benefit of everyone. We at AIS believe in the infinite potential of children and recognize the need to provide them with a whole gamut of learning experiences. Children are the future promises of the world at large and we strive to groom them to be competent, compassionate global citizens.

The school is affiliated with the CBSE , India .We abide the Board’s prime focus on innovations in teaching –learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms and the reforms made in examinations and evaluation practices in updating and pedagogical skills of teachers by participating in the various service workshops and training programmes .We emphasise on holistic development of learners and try to provide a stress free learning environment to our children.

We value the trust that the Beda Zayed community repose in us and invite them to be our parents in this voyage of delight and challenge to ensure the emergence of resilient, empowered, empathetic and poised young people from our portals.

A foreword to my dear pupils-make the best of the plethora of opportunities that come your way-aim higher, your future is in you, brighten it and then success is yours.

We ponder that we have still to achieve higher goals and request the extended support of our parent community.

 Molly D'Coutho